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About Me

I  graduated from The University of Arizona with a master's degree in digital journalism in May 2019. My specialty is telling stories in unique ways, using different platforms and formats. I enjoy creating 40 seconds or less, engaging videos for social media and putting together 5- to 10-minute short documentaries . Also, I can write in-depth features and proven, engaging short news stories . Skills I love the insights analytics give me. Additionally, I love technology; multimedia; copy and video editing; production work, design and opportunities to work in the field and learn from mentors! I interviewed Kendal Washington White, Dean of Students at the University of Arizona, for an inaugural School of Journalism podcast about student life. White spoke about her son, a freshman, moving into the dorms for the first time. Goals My goal is to work in digital journalism for a media outlet or digital communications for a four-year university. This website explains my

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