Learn about what I achieved at some of my past internships

KOLD/Tucson News Now
Digital Producer Intern
June to August 2018


I served as a production assistant where I:
  • Filmed a digital reporter's stand-up, which aired on the evening broadcast
  • Adjusted the camera each time an interviewee stepped out of frame
  • Helped with the equipment
  • Shadowed a video editor who used Edius, ENPS and FTPs
  • Clipped 30-min newscasts into 1- to 2-min segments for online (Click here)
(Video includes the stand-up I filmed on-location)


I engaged online audiences via: 
  • Storytelling
  • Graphics 
  • Videos
  • Trends
  • Shareable stories
My Article: Earned 12,596 reach, 1,277 clicks, 60 shares, 521 likes, 25 comments in 4 hours
Update: Earned 25,392 reach, 2,637 clicks, 133 shares, 925 likes, 42 comments in 24 hours

Drove traffic to the website, making it the No. 2 most popular story on July 14, 2018.

My Video: Earned 7,500 reach, 2,300 views, 16 shares and 58 likes in 6 hours

My Video: Created post-event recap for those who weren't there

Shareable Story: 
  • I shared this from a sister station to social, website & mobile July 20, 2018 
  • It became the second most popular post on CrowdTangle for the entire Tucson market
  • This post beat competing TV stations who shared the same article

Capitalized on a trending topic: Social media commentary about monsoon 2018

Digital Journalism

I wrote original digital articles: 
  • Interviewed sources
  • Created graphics  

Breaking News & Trending Stories

I responded to breaking news and trending stories:
  • Wrote news briefs
  • Quickly copy edited breaking news releases from Tucson Police

Most Popular
  • This news item I wrote earned No. 2 for most popular stories
  • I posted the news brief 17 hours earlier than a competing TV station
  • A story I shared from a sister station was No. 4 for most popular stories

Breaking News Releases
  • Copy edited these breaking news items in under 30 minutes
  • Quickly posted them to social media to update audience
  • Both news items made the most popular page by July 28
  • Used Google Map screenshots to demonstrate incident locations

  • The breaking news items earned No. 2 and No. 3 for most popular stories

Copy Editing 

I copy edited: 
  • Press releases (and re-wrote them)
  • Reporters' articles 
  • Breaking news releases (see above)
I wrote: 
  • Headlines
  • ...and improved sentences for clarity
  • ...and used inverted pyramid